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Every two weeks, I read the climate news and choose a couple top stories to summarize for you, providing links to go deeper. As I do this, I look for the ways that people of faith, especially Christians, are working in the climate movement. I’ll also keep you updated on refugia news and offer links to good reading. You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox.

This newsletter is part of the “refugia project,” an ongoing effort to urge people of faith to become people of refugia. Refugia are places of shelter where life endures in times of crisis—a biological phenomenon with serious metaphorical heft. I’m on the lookout for people who seek to nurture and curate spaces where all life can flourish, in the natural world and in human culture.

I’m a writer and professor of literature at Calvin University. My recent book is Refugia Faith: Seeking Hidden Shelters, Ordinary Wonders, and the Healing of the Earth (Fortress 2022) and I am also the host of the Refugia Podcast, where I interview biologists, activists, theologians, and other great people about what refugia means in their life and work. I write about theology, pop culture, higher education, and other fun stuff every other week for the Reformed Journal blog. All my work is gathered at my website.

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Debra Rienstra

Professor at Calvin U (lit/writing), author climate/faith book "Refugia Faith" (Fortress 2022), host Refugia Podcast.