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At my church I'm meeting with a "Food Choices" group. According to the Project Drawdown people, the top two things individuals can do to mitigate climate change is shift to a largely plant-based diet and keep food waste out of the landfills. We are meeting once a month, for four months, for potluck vegetarian dinners with three main courses plus salads for sampling. At each meal we hold a discussion on one topic, based on common readings: diet and health; diet and the environment; food waste and the environment; and composting. Come spring, we'll go on a couple field trips: to a farmers market; a local farm; and a local industrial composting site. At the end of our four months we'll gather our recipes in a PDF and share it with each other and the congregation at large. We're halfway through our time together (20 of us, split into two groups of 10). We're learning that it's a lot more fun to make changes like this together than on our own. If this social activity seems interesting to you (plural), I'd recommend you give a it try.

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